Mayday-A 30 Day Devotional Journey of Prayer

Mayday-A 30 Day Devotional Journey of Prayer

The term "mayday' comes from the anglicized spelling of the French pronunciation of the word “m’aider” which means “help me”. It was coined In 1923, when a senior radio officer, Frederick Stanley Mockford, in Croydon Airport in London, England was asked to think of one word that would be easy to understand for all pilots and ground staff in the event of an emergency. Four years later, in 1927, the International Radiotelegraph Convention of Washington made “Mayday” the official voice distress call used only to communicate the most serious level of distress, such as with life-threatening emergencies. Thus, the title of this Journey: Mayday- A 30 day Journey of Prayer, is in response to the desperate cry for help going up across the Earth. This generation's parents, and children are deep in an identity crisis unseen in any other time in history. Lost to a narcissistic culture that if children even make it into this world, they are immersed in a belief system that says life is all about pleasure, and your own happiness, nothing else or anyone else matters.
It is to this generation the Lord's return is approaching, and they are so lost, so desperately broken and afraid.
This journey will take each day and focus on a child/mother scenario, a scripture, a prayer and then an opportunity to lend your own unique voice in prayer and share it with the community. Midwives help bring life into the world. Will you pray your prayers, and weep your tears and ask for mercy, and Divine Intervention as we push back the darkness over our the women and their children, intentionally for 30 days in May? May, the month of Mother's Day, and flowers, and life springing to the earth what greater way to celebrate as women, than to ask Heaven for Life. Would you join us?

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